Laid to “Rest Eternal”


Even in death, Richard III, one time King of England, is not getting any respect.

Rather than bury him where he would have preferred… Where Kings normally get buried, or beside his wife, or with his family, or in Yorkshire where he spent much of his time, the disrespectful British government is going to plant his last mortal remains in Leicester.

A spokesperson for the Leicester Cathedral said (with a straight face, mind you) that since he had laid so long in Leicester that he should continue resting there.

Leicester University officials agreed. “Reinterment on the nearest consecrated ground is in keeping with good archaeological practice. Richard has lain in the shadow of St. Martin’s Cathedral, Leicester, for over 500 years.”

Yes, it sounds fairly good on the face of it, doesn’t it?

However, the official forgot to include the rest of the “good archaeological practice” to say that is what is done with John or Jane Doe and not with someone who has been identified. When a person has been identified, the usual custom is to bury the remains where the remainder of their family is OR, if such wishes are known, where the person him- or herself has desired to be buried.

In the case of Leicester, it was the closest place Henry VII could find to dump the carcass with a half-hearted nodding respect for a ruler of England.

Leicester is not near and dear to the heart of the deceased and in fact the only thing of importance in his life that concerns the town is the monumental defeat he suffered nearby.

Apparently, the current government of Britain prefers to keep that reminder forefront in their treatment of the doomed king.

Jeez, they could have saved themselves the trouble if they just dug a trench at Bosworth and dumped the bones there as an eternal reminder of his defeat.

He garners no respect even at this late date.

Poor Richard.